I view the garden as an extension of the living space and how the occupants wish to use it. I determind how that space will work for them and then take into account the specific environment it is in. Therefore, my gardens deeply reflect my clients' desires and personalities and not my design principles. My expertise comes into play with helping them choose appropriate planting schemes and color palettes that enjance their aethestics and lifestyles. My main approach is one of listening to the client's needs and wishes, and trying carefully to fulfill them.


The garden has to be considered in every aspect, including the amount of use it will receive and the amount of maintenance it will require, and for example, if the garden is to encourage plant and wildlife diversity, or if the owner wishes to grow edibles and conserve water.


Nature has a way of changing things, fall to winter, spring to summer. My gardens change, too, with the seasons and wish what goes on in the garden.